Leadership Team

Team Member

Maria Tamargo

Center Director

Maria Tamargo is a Professor of Chemistry at CCNY and is on the doctoral faculty of Chemistry, Physics and Electrical Engineering. Her research deals with molecular beam epitaxy of low dimensional layered materials and nanostructures of wide band gap semiconductors, topological insulators, and other materials of interest for electronic and photonic applications.

Team Member

Gustavo Lopez

Outreach and Education Programs co-Director

Gustavo Lopez is a Professor of Chemistry at Lehman College and is on the Chemistry doctoral faculty. His research is on the development and application of computational methods aimed at understanding the behavior of condensed matter, including bio- and nano-materials. He also helps to lead the Bronx STEM Scholars Program at Lehman College.

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Anthony Richardson

Center Administrator

Anthony Richardson assists with all the management and reporting responsibilities of the Center. He is also the Coordinator of the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program supported by IDEALS.

Team Member

Lia Krusin-Elbaum

Subproject 1 Director

Lia Krusin-Elbaum is a Professor of Physics at CCNY and is on the doctoral faculty of Physics. Her research deals with the physics of complex nanostructured materials, topological insulators and other novel quantum materials. She is also co-PI and IRG co-director of the Columbia University-CCNY MRSEC on Precision Assembly of Superstratic and Superatomic Systems (PAS3).

Team Member

Ilona Kretzschmar

Subproject 2 Director

Ilona Kretzschmar is a Professor of Chemical Engineering at CCNY's Grove School of Engineering, and is on the doctoral faculty of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry. Her research is based on the study of nano and microparticles, such as Janus and Patchy particles, their directed self-assembly, and their use in energy and sensing applications.

Team Member

Swapan K. Gayen

Subproject 3 Director

Swapan K. Gayen is a Professor of Physics at CCNY and is on the Physics and Electrical Engineering doctoral faculties. His research is on ultrafast lasers and spectroscopy of nanoscale materials and devices, and its combination with scanning probe techniques, to investigate the physics of novel nanostructures and their applications.